RV Owners

Awnings Designed to Elevate the RV Experience

Whether you’re a full-time RVer or only use your coach for weekend getaways, creating comfortable spaces to spend your time while on the road is key to enjoying the RV experience. Awnings help RV enthusiasts by creating comfortable spaces inside and outside plus they protect your RV investment for years of happy use.


Keep RV Cooler on Hot Days

By blocking sunlight from ever reaching the main body of your RV, awnings help to keep the interior of coaches cooler by keeping solar heat away.

Protect RV Against Sun Damage

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can result in costly damage to your RV because of the harmful effects of UV rays. UV can cause the deterioration of furniture, fabrics, paints, and flooring in your RV that shows as discoloration, warping, or premature aging and reduces the natural lifespan of these elements.

Added Privacy for RV Interiors

Without having to close off interiors by drawing internal shades, RV owners can still enjoy privacy with an exterior awning that blocks the view in from the outside leaving the interior living spaces feeling protected yet open.

Create Usable Outdoor Spaces

With space at a premium in any RV, the added feet of usable living space that awnings create is a worthwhile benefit for many RV owners. Awnings protect your outdoor area from the weather making spending time outdoors while at the campsite more enjoyable.

Save Money

When you have an awning protecting your RV your pocketbook benefits. Whether it’s blocking UV rays to prevent the high cost of replacing sun damaged items or helping to naturally keep RVs cooler without additional energy use, RV owners can save money with an awning on board.

And while there are plenty of companies making awnings, only Velarium boasts the service and support of being an Airxcel family brand along with other trusted names in the RV market including Coleman-Mach, Maxxair, Suburban, Aqua-Hot, MCD Innovations, United Shade and Dicor Products.